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Do you have frizzy hair? Or split ends? Or a dry scalp? If so, there’s a good chance that your hairbrush is to blame. Wooden hair brushes are the best way to tame your mane, add shine, and promote healthy growth. So if you’re not using one yet, it’s time to give it a try! Here are five of the best wooden hair brush every woman should be brushing her hair with wood instead of plastic or metal:

Why You Need a Wooden Hair Brush

It de-frizzes your hair

A wooden hair brush is a great solution for frizz. It can help smooth out your hair and reduce static. If you spend hours straightening your locks, this could help you improve the quality of your life.

It gives you smooth, shiny hair

A wooden brush is a great option for those who want smooth, shiny hair. The bristles of the brush come from wood, which is naturally smooth. Therefore, it helps to smooth and straighten your hair as you brush. Also, because of its smoothness, it helps reduce static electricity and prevent flyaway hairs from appearing throughout the day. The wood also has a natural sheen that improves the shine of your hair!

It keeps split ends at bay

The best reason to own a wooden hairbrush is that it helps prevent split ends. A split-end is simply an end of your hair that’s been cut or broken and hasn’t been sealed back together. This happens when you use too much heat on your hair. Say, by straightening it too often or using hot tools for styling. A wooden hair brush will help keep your hair hydrated and healthy. So that it’ll less likely to develop splits (and more likely to grow long).

It boosts the circulation in your scalp

As you run your brush over your hair, you’re increasing the blood flow to the scalp. This helps to prevent hair loss and promotes healthy hair growth by stimulating cell turnover.

It carries negative ions

We all know that spending time in nature is good for our health, but did you know that the same goes for your hair? The ionic charge of water changes by season or location, which affects how it interacts with the air around us. If you want to keep your hair as healthy and shiny as possible, it’s important to keep this level of moisture balanced. 

Wooden brushes are a great way to do this because they naturally carry negative ions from the wood material. These negative ions delivers them into your locks when you brush through them.

It promotes healthy hair growth

Hair growth is a natural process, but with many factors affecting to it. For example, hormones play a role in hair growth, as do nutrition and stress levels. Hair care products can also affect how fast your hair grows. If you use something that makes your scalp dry/flaky, then it will be harder for your scalp to produce oil. Genetics will also affect how quickly or slowly your strands grow—but don’t worry too much about that! There are plenty of things we can do to change the speed at which our bodies produce new hair.

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Tips on Choosing the Best Wooden Hair Brush

Choose your bristles carefully

Bristles should consist of natural materials.

The bristles need to be soft and flexible, so they will not damage your hair shafts or scalp. If you choose hard plastic or metal bristled brush, you’ll damage your hair shafts and scalp in the long run. Natural fibres like boar bristle are ideal because they’re strong and durable while also being gentle on your hair and scalp.

If you want to clean your brush after use, look for one that comes with a removable head or handles. For you can wash it in the sink with soap and water. Then hang it up so it’s ready for next time!

Analyze the brush’s pin pattern

The pin pattern is the arrangement of bristles on the brush. Brush manufacturers use different patterns to achieve a variety of results, but they all have one thing in common. They should be consistent across the entire brush. A good pin pattern has a symmetrical structure that repeats itself across the length of the brush.

Select the perfect size

The first thing to consider when choosing a brush is how big your head is. If you have a small head, then the size of your hairbrush should be on the smaller end of the spectrum. The same goes for those with large heads; if this describes you, go for a bigger brush.

To make sure your brush fits correctly, measure from one earlobe to the other across your head’s crown. This is known as “circumference” and will help determine which size wooden hairbrush will work best for you.

Pick the right handle type

  • Long handles. Long handles are great for detangling and smoothing hair because they allow you to reach all areas of your head. If you have long hair, this is especially important; otherwise, a shorter handle will also work just fine.
  • Easy-to-grip handles. A wooden brush with a rounded handle can be more comfortable than one with an angular one. It’s easier to hold in one hand while brushing the other side of your head with the other hand. This can help prevent neck strain if you’re already suffering from tension headaches). It’s also nice if the surface texture is smooth instead of being too textured or bumpy. This reduces friction against your scalp while brushing so that there’s less chance of accidentally pulling out any stray hairs.
  • Comfortable holding position. When choosing hairbrushes, take note of the kind that is easy to use on yourself without feeling uncomfortable or awkward.
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5 Best Wooden Hair Brush To Choose From

BFWood Bamboo Hair Brush

This bamboo hair brush comes from 100% bamboo, which means it will last a very long time. The bristles are soft and gentle on your scalp and hair, so you can use this brush on wet or dry hair without having to worry about damage.

This brush is great if you have fine hair because it won’t pull out strands as easily. It’s also good for curly or straight styles because it won’t cause frizz or breakage like other brushes might. It works well on both adults and kids no matter what hairstyle they have. You can even use it to detangle after showering!

BFWood Bamboo Hair Brush
Buy this best BFWood Bamboo Hair Brush now.

GAINWELL Bamboo Paddle Hair Brush

If you’re looking for a hair brush made of natural materials, the GAINWELL Bamboo Paddle Hair Brush is a great option. It comes from 100% bamboo and has antibacterial properties that help prevent your scalp from getting dry and flaky. This brush also helps with tangles and knots in your hair, making it easy to detangle after showers or baths.

The wooden handle has a smooth grip, so it won’t slip out of your hands while brushing your hair. The GAINWELL Bamboo Paddle Hair Brush weighs less than 1 ounce (28 grams), making it lightweight and comfortable to hold as well as easy on your head!

GAINWELL Bamboo Paddle Hair Brush
Buy this best GAINWELL Bamboo Paddle Hair Brush now.

MRD Natural Bamboo Hair Brush Set

If you’re looking for a bamboo hair brush, the MRD Natural Bamboo Hair Brush Set is a great choice. It comes with four different sizes of brushes and one styling comb. You can get exactly what you need depending on your hair length and texture. The brushes come from eco-friendly bamboo wood that undergoes treatment to prevent warping or twisting under normal use.

They have natural colour and brushable on wet or dry hair, in addition to all hair types. However, they’re not recommended for very thick hair because they might pull too much at it during brushing. This set works well on any type of mane: long or short; curly or straight; thick or thin!

MRD Natural Bamboo Hair Brush Set
Buy this best MRD Natural Bamboo Hair Brush Set now.

SHASH Wooden Paddle Brush

Shash Wooden Paddle Brush comes from bamboo and features boar bristles that comes from natural horse hair. The long handle allows you to hold the brush at a comfortable distance from your head. Even if you have long hair, this paddle brush won’t pull on your scalp or cause pain. It’s great for thick, curly, or straight hair because the bristles don’t snag or get stuck in tangles. The wooden handle provides durability and the paddle brush is easier to handle than some other options on our list.

SHASH Wooden Paddle Brush
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GranNaturals Wooden Brush with Wooden Bristles

The GranNaturals Wooden Brush with Wooden Bristles use 100% natural bamboo. It has a rounded edge that allows for a smooth and gentle massage. The bristles are soft and easy on your hair. This paddle brush is great for all types of hair, especially if you have thick or curly hair. It’s easy to use and won’t pull on your scalp.

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GranNaturals Wooden Brush with Wooden Bristles
Buy this best GranNaturals Wooden Brush with Wooden Bristles now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do wooden hair brushes help with frizz?

Bamboo, which is a natural anti-static material, has been proven to reduce frizz and flyaways. Bamboo is also anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, making it the perfect material for a hairbrush that you’ll be using daily. Finally, bamboo is hypoallergenic—meaning even those with sensitive skin can use one without worrying about irritation or breakouts.

How often should you brush your hair?

If you’re wondering how often you should brush your hair, the answer is: that it depends on your hair type. Some people have fine, straight hair and don’t need to worry about brushing their hair too much because it won’t get tangled or matted up as coarser, curlier textures can. Others may struggle with tangling problems more often—especially if they’re dealing with dry or brittle ends.

How do I care for my wooden hairbrush?

To care for your wooden hair brush, you’ll want to use mild shampoo or soap and warm water. Rinse thoroughly and let it air dry. Avoid heat and sunlight as much as possible; they can weaken the wood fibres over time. The same goes for conditioner or oil—don’t use either on your wooden comb because it may make the bristles soggy and cause them to break off sooner than expected.


We hope you found this article helpful in your search for the best wooden hair brush. When we started looking into the topic, there were a lot of brushes out there that didn’t seem to measure up or just didn’t have enough oomph. But after testing out these five different brands ourselves, we found that they’re all great options! 

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