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I’ve been raising my daughter as a green parent since she was born. I want her to grow up in a healthy environment and enjoy the world we live in. As a parent, it’s important to me that she understands where our products come from and how they’re using in them. One way we can do this is by using eco-friendly baby wipes!

Reasons to Use Eco-Friendly Baby Wipes

You’ll Be Decreasing Your Waste.

Aside from the obvious health benefits, eco-friendly baby wipes are also great for the environment.

If you’re currently using wet wipes, you may be contributing more plastic waste to landfills and oceans than you think. While some parents use cloth diapers, there’s still a lot of trash coming from your baby’s bottom after each change.

If that thought doesn’t make you cringe enough, consider this: every year in America alone (not including Canada), an estimated 480 billion disposable wipes are thrown away — or roughly 3 million pounds per day!

Eco-friendly baby wipes eliminate concerns by using them with materials like bamboo pulp fibres, which decompose faster than paper towels. It takes less time for them to break down in landfills when they’re done being used by your little one(s).

This means fewer chemicals going into our waterways and oceans which could eventually lead to higher levels of pollution if left unchecked over time. Since most people don’t think twice about what happens once they flush those used items away during their routine.

You’re Making Your Baby Safer.

What kind of a parent are you if you don’t want your child to grow up healthy and safe? What kind of a parent are you if you care about the environment? You are a smart parent, which is why it’s time for you to switch to eco-friendly baby wipes.

Baby wipes aren’t as clean as people think they are. They contain chemicals that can irritate your baby’s skin and make them sick. Baby wipes also do not biodegrade in landfills, so they will sit there forever (unless we figure out how to turn them into energy).

You’ll Save Money In The Long Run.

Let’s talk about the cost of eco-friendly baby wipes. One regular pack of baby wipes costs about $4, whereas one pack of eco-friendly wipes costs about $6. While this may seem like a steep price difference at first, it’s worth noting that you’ll use fewer wipes per change if you switch to green baby products. 

This means that even though your initial outlay is larger than what you’re used to paying for disposable diapers. Over time it will end up being cheaper when you factor in reduced consumption and waste disposal fees.

Moreover, using fewer disposable items helps cut down on your monthly utility bill. This is a boon for those who live in colder climates where heating bills can add up quickly during winter months!

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They’re as easy to use as regular wipes but better.

You’ll be amazed at how easy they are to use. They’re just like regular wipes, but better!

You’re probably wondering why you should switch to eco-friendly baby wipes. Well, it’s simple: they’re biodegradable and compostable, hypoallergenic, free of chlorine and phthalates, and safe for sensitive skin.

They smell amazing.

You’ll be surprised to hear that all of these scents are real, and they’re all available in baby wipes. The best part is that they won’t make you gag with artificial fragrance chemicals. Just a single drop of essential oil or natural ingredient is enough to create the perfect scent.

If you love lavender and cucumber, there’s no better way to clean your baby than with an eco-friendly wipe made with those ingredients. If sage and tea tree sound more like what you need, then don’t worry—you can find those scents too! And if nothing at all sounds good enough for your little one, who knows? Maybe there’s something else out there that smells like baby powder or roses. Whatever combination works best for them, the world has its options open when it comes down to picking their favourite smelling wipes!

Our Recommendations

Aleva Naturals Bamboo Baby Sensitive Wipes

The Aleva Naturals Bamboo Baby Sensitive Wipes come from organic bamboo and aloe vera. They are biodegradable and hypoallergenic, so they won’t irritate your baby’s sensitive skin. The wipes also contain chamomile extract, calendula flower oil, vitamin E oil, and olive oil to soothe your baby’s bottom after a diaper change.

These wipes are free of alcohol and parabens, making them safe for even the most sensitive babies to use. The ingredients in these moist towelettes help remove dirt from the baby’s bottom without leaving behind any residue or greasy feeling afterwards as some other baby wipes do after use!

Aleva Naturals Bamboo Baby Sensitive Wipes
Switch to Aleva Naturals Bamboo Baby Sensitive Wipes.

Kinder by Nature Unscented Biodegradable and Compostable Baby Wipes

Kinder by Nature Unscented Biodegradable and Compostable Baby Wipes come from bamboo, a renewable resource that grows quickly without the need for pesticides. This makes them not only better for your baby’s skin, but also good for the environment.

These wipes are free of chlorine, parabens, alcohol, phthalates, and dyes. They’re also free of animal ingredients (including lanolin) which means they’re safe for even the most sensitive skin types! And since they’re unscented, you can use them without worrying about fragrances that might irritate their nose or eyes.

Plus there’s no petroleum used in production which means Kinder by Nature Unscented Biodegradable and Compostable Baby Wipes will biodegrade within 90 days when composted instead of taking hundreds or thousands of years to break down as most disposable wipes do!

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Kinder by Nature Unscented Biodegradable and Compostable Baby Wipes
Switch to Kinder by Nature Unscented Biodegradable and Compostable Baby Wipes.

The Honest Company Wipes

These wipes use plant-based ingredients and are hypoallergenic. No harmful chemicals, parabens, phthalates, alcohol, or dyes are used to make them. They’re also free of sulfates, chlorine, and bleach! They don’t contain synthetic fragrance either – instead, they use natural essential oils to scent them (and it smells amazing). The Honest Company Wipes are also free of GMOs and soy which can be the cause of allergies in some children.

The Honest Company Wipes
Switch to The Honest Company Wipes

Pipette Baby Wipes

Pipette Baby Wipes consist of 100% biodegradable materials, including a biodegradable cotton and flax blend. They are free of dyes and alcohol, as well as parabens and harsh chemicals like chlorine or bleach. They also contain no phthalates, a potentially harmful chemical that is present in some disposable wipes.

Most conventional baby wipes consist of synthetic materials that create toxic waste when flushed down the toilet. Pipette Baby Wipes are not only better for your family’s health—but they’re also better for the environment!

Pipette Baby Wipes
Switch to Pipette Baby Wipes

WaterWipes Biodegradable Original Baby Wipes

WaterWipes consists of 99.9% purified water, 0.1% grapefruit seed extract, and 0.1% citric acid. They’re free from alcohol, parabens, chlorine, preservatives, and fragrances. They’re also hypoallergenic and pH neutral, so they won’t irritate your baby’s sensitive skin. WaterWipes are 100% biodegradable, making them safe for use in landfills or toilets.

They’re also free from any kind of synthetic materials, making them ideal for use with newborns. WaterWipes are perfect for cleaning up after your baby’s dirty diapers or messy fingers. But they’re versatile on just about anything! Use them to clean your hands before eating, wipe down high chairs and bathroom sinks, or even make a quick facecloth when you run out of paper towels.

WaterWipes Biodegradable Original Baby Wipes
Switch to WaterWipes Biodegradable Original Baby Wipes

Burt’s Bees Unscented Towelettes

Another great option is Burt’s Bees Unscented Towelettes. These wipes have a simple, yet effective formula that includes aloe vera and chamomile extracts to soothe your baby’s skin. They’re also free from chlorine and alcohol, which can irritate sensitive skin. But the best thing about these wipes? They’re using natural ingredients and are 100% biodegradable!

The sensitive-skin-safe formula consists of a blend of sustainable plant oils, including organic sunflower oil that helps moisturize skin while enriching it with antioxidants like vitamin E. You’ll also find witch hazel extract in this formula. It helps keep moisture locked in while soothing redness as well as preventing breakouts by regulating oil production on your baby’s face. The result: an ultra-soft wipe that keeps your bundle of joy clean—and happy!

Burt's Bees Unscented Towelettes
Switch to Burt’s Bees Unscented Towelettes

Seventh Generation Baby Wipes

Seventh Generation Baby Wipes come from renewable sources, which is a major plus. They’re also non-toxic and hypoallergenic for sensitive skin. A lot of other wipes that say they’re natural still have parabens, phthalates, and dyes in them. 

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Seventh Generation Baby Wipes are completely free from these chemicals — plus chlorine, alcohol, and sulfates — as well as synthetic fragrances or colours so you don’t have to worry about your little one breaking out after using them if she suffers from eczema or any type of skin sensitivity (like my son did).

Seventh Generation Baby Wipes
Switch to Seventh Generation Baby Wipes

Eco by Naty Aloe Vera Baby Wipes

These baby wipes contain 99% organic ingredients and are 100% biodegradable. They also don’t contain any synthetic fragrances, alcohol, parabens, phenoxyethanol, phthalates, or petroleum-based ingredients. The company also makes sure to avoid triclosan since it is an antibacterial agent that can disrupt hormones and lead to antibiotic resistance.

Eco by Naty Aloe Vera Baby Wipes
Switch to Eco by Naty Aloe Vera Baby Wipes

Babyganics Unscented Diaper Wipes

Babyganics Unscented Diaper Wipes are a great choice for the eco-conscious parent. They’re using 99% plant-based materials, meaning they’re hypoallergenic and free of parabens and phenoxyethanol. They also contain no chlorine, phthalates, or synthetic fragrances.

As you might imagine, these wipes are also super soft and gentle on your baby’s skin. Plus, they’re safe for use with cloth diapers too!

Baby wipes are one of those things that you might not think about much until you start using them every day. Are you concerned about any ingredients in baby wipes? Do you want to avoid certain chemicals altogether? 

Then Babyganics Unscented Diaper Wipes are a great option for eco-conscious parents looking for a more natural alternative to traditional disposable versions available.

Babyganics Unscented Diaper Wipes
Switch to Babyganics Unscented Diaper Wipes


We hope that this list has helped you find the right eco-friendly baby wipes for your family. If you’re still not sure which brand to choose, we recommend trying a combination of different types until you find one that’s right for both your baby and the environment. Good luck with your search!

If you want to take care more of your baby’s delicate skin, we recommend these sustainable lotions available on Amazon.

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