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The ability to save money is important, especially in today’s economy. However, finding ways to cut costs without sacrificing quality can be challenging. One way to save money while still getting the products you need is by purchasing eco-friendly hand soap refills. 

Hand soap refills are a popular method for reducing waste and saving money at home—and they can even help support your health! In this article, we will discuss why you should use an eco-friendly hand soap refill and how it can save you money by going green with just one simple change.

Why eco-friendly hand soap refill?

Like most people, you probably use traditional liquid hand soap to wash your hands after using the bathroom. But have you ever considered an eco-friendly alternative?

Eco-friendly hand soap refills use less plastic than traditional versions and don’t contain phthalates or triclosan, which are additives that can be harmful to human health. The best part? They work just as well and cost less than a dollar per bottle. In addition, they come in convenient packaging that can be recycled or reused many times over; no more trash!

The benefits of using eco-friendly hand soap refills

Eco-friendly hand soap refills are more affordable. It’s a fact that eco-friendly hand soap refills are more affordable than traditional liquid hand soap and foaming gel dispensers. While they may cost slightly more at purchase, they last longer, meaning you’ll save money in the long run. The extra cash that you save will quickly add up over time!

Eco-friendly hand soap refills are more environmentally friendly. As we mentioned above, eco-friendly products cost less over time (which means you’re saving money on your monthly budget) and also help the environment by reducing waste from disposable bottles or plastic containers of liquid soap—and who doesn’t want to do their part to help Mother Nature? 

Plus, using refillable products helps reduce plastic pollution caused by single-use items like bottled water or disposable Q-Tips because those types aren’t necessary if you have access to reusable versions instead! 

This means there’s less trash produced when people use refillable options instead of buying something new each time it runs out; this benefits both animals (who might mistake food wrappers as edible) and humans (since there won’t be harmful chemicals leaching into groundwater).

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How to save money using an eco-friendly hand soap refill?

Use a refillable soap dispenser.

Use a refillable soap dispenser. These are easy to use, eco-friendly, convenient, and inexpensive. They are also easy to find and install; they’re simple to clean and maintain. The only hassle is refilling them (but you can always ask someone else to do it).

Go homemade.

You can go homemade. Soap is easy to make, and it’s not much more work than buying soap from the store. It’s also cheap, so you’ll save a lot of money. You can even get as fancy as you like with your recipes!

Buy in bulk.

If you want to save money, buy in bulk. The same goes for reducing your environmental footprint. If you can’t buy in bulk, purchase refill products instead of new ones. Buying in bulk is a great way to reduce packaging waste and plastic waste, as well as a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Try using less soap per wash.

To reduce the amount of hand soap you use, you should try using less soap per wash. You can do this by using a smaller amount or washing with soap in spurts rather than continuously. The latter option is best if your hands are not especially dirty and you enjoy being massaged by suds.

You may also find it helpful to use less water while washing your hands—one gallon per minute is usually enough for most people’s needs. It’s also possible to achieve similar results with a pump-style dispenser instead of an open container, which reduces both spillage and evaporation from the bottle itself over time. Finally, look for more concentrated products; this will allow them to last longer between refills!

Buy refillable hand soaps.

Refillable dispensers are available at most big-box stores, on Amazon, and in many smaller stores. Some will come with a pump bottle you can use to fill them up, while others will require you to buy one separately (perhaps as part of a set). Either way, it’s a great way to save money by using less plastic and reducing what you throw away over time—plus, it’s easy!

Here are some of our top picks for eco-friendly hand soap refills:

Cleancult Liquid Hand Soap

The Cleancult Liquid Hand Soap is an eco-friendly and cruelty-free way to wash your hands. Made with plant-based ingredients, it has a pleasant scent and comes in several sizes. The soap comes in various scents, including Lavender, Vanilla, and Lemon.

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We love that the soap is not tested on animals and is biodegradable. It’s also great for sensitive skin, as it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals or detergents. The company also donates a portion of its profits to help organizations work toward improving the world. Isn’t that amazing?

Cleancult Liquid Hand Soap
Cleancult Liquid Hand Soap

Clean Revolution Foaming Hand Soap

One of the easiest ways to reduce environmental impact is to use less water. Each time you take a quick shower rather than bathing, you could save up to 17,000 gallons of water per year. That’s because most people usually waste hot water in their showers by letting the faucet run while they’re doing other things or waiting for it to get warm enough.

If you want a more eco-friendly alternative for cleaning your hands and don’t want to sacrifice any convenience or comfort, consider using an eco-friendly hand soap refill instead of regular liquid soap in the dispenser at home or work. These refill bottles are perfect for washing hands with just a few pumps while still providing ample foam!

Clean Revolution Foaming Hand Soap
Clean Revolution Foaming Hand Soap

Plaine Products Eco-friendly Hand Soap

If you’re looking for eco-friendly hand soap refills, Plaine Products makes one that is free of synthetic fragrances, parabens, phthalates, and dyes. The ingredients include organic coconut oil and organic aloe vera. This product comes in a variety of scents, including lavender and peppermint.

The company claims that its product is made with “100% natural ingredients”, so it will be safe to use around children or pets!

Plaine Products Eco-friendly Hand Soap
Plaine Products Eco-friendly Hand Soap

Mrs. Meyer’s Hand Soap Refill

As a consumer, you have a lot of choices when it comes to your hand soap. You can choose from brands like Mrs. Meyer’s, which are made with plant-based ingredients and essential oils. These soaps come in various fragrances and are designed for every skin type.

They’re also free of parabens, phthalates, and sulfates—which means they don’t contain any harsh chemicals that can irritate your skin or harm the environment when they go down the drain! Plus, each bottle is biodegradable and cruelty-free; no animal testing was involved in making this product line available to you as an environmentally conscious consumer who wants only the best for his body and mind!

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Mrs. Meyer's Hand Soap Refill
Mrs. Meyer’s Hand Soap Refill

Simplehuman Moisturizing Liquid Hand Soap Refill

There is a refill for your hand soap dispenser that will save money, the Simplehuman Moisturizing Liquid Hand Soap Refill. The refill contains 10 ounces of hand soap sold at Walmart for $11.97. The bottle itself is made from BPA-free plastic and can be recycled. It has a built-in pump to make dispensing the liquid hand soap easy and mess-free!

This bottle can also be refilled with any liquid soap you like! When this bottle runs out of liquid, refill it with whatever brand or scent you want instead of buying another full-size bottle every time your current one runs out!

Even though this product has some flaws (it’s not scented), I would recommend buying it if you are looking for an eco-friendly option that saves money in the long run while still giving great results!

Simplehuman Moisturizing Liquid Hand Soap Refill
Simplehuman Moisturizing Liquid Hand Soap Refill


At the end of the day, the decision to use an eco-friendly hand soap refill is up to you. You can always choose what works best for your needs. If that means buying a new bottle every time it runs out or switching from bar soap to liquid hand soaps, then do what makes sense for you! It doesn’t matter if you choose store-bought or homemade options. Remember that every little bit helps when it comes down.

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