Eco-Friendly Pens That Can Help Motivate You To Get Things Done

Eco-Friendly Pens That Can Help Motivate You To Get Things Done

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Whether you’re a student or an office worker, a pen is an essential part of your day. But there’s no need to sacrifice style for sustainability. With the rise of eco-friendly pens and recycled pens, you can look good while saving the planet!

What is an eco-friendly pen made of?

Eco-friendly pens use recycled materials. Some of the most common recycled materials used in making eco-friendly pens include:

  • Paper – This is one of the most common everyday items that we use, so it makes sense for manufacturers to recycle it for pen production. The most common type of paper that is used in creating these pens is newspaper because it’s cheap and easy to acquire in bulk amounts. The downside? Some people have reported an unpleasant smell coming off of their pen after writing with it for a while. The solution? Try using a different brand or type!
  • Crayons – Did you know your old crayons can be repurposed into new ones? That’s right—you don’t have to throw them away when they get dull; just break them up into little pieces and melt them together with a heat source over some water (or an adult should do this step). Once melted together, you can mould them into whatever shape or size you want before letting them cool off completely (and then put your new eco-friendly crayon back on the shelf!).

Do eco-friendly pens make a difference to the environment?

It’s true! Eco-friendly pens do make a difference to the environment.

When you order an eco-friendly pen, you’re helping to reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in landfills and oceans. These pens use recycled materials or sustainably sourced wood and even come with biodegradable refills.

But best of all? They’ll help you be more environmentally friendly in your everyday life by encouraging you to write down your thoughts instead of typing them out on your phone or computer!

Why do I need an eco-friendly pen?

You can reduce your carbon footprint by using eco-friendly pens. They can reduce your waste by using eco-friendly pens. These can reduce your impact on the environment by using eco-friendly pens.

As a responsible citizen, as a responsible employee, and as a responsible student, you need to be aware of this fact: if everyone in the world uses an average of one pen per day, then there would be 100 billion pens in use every year! The amount of ink in just one of those pens could cover four football fields with black paint! That’s why it’s so important that we try our best not to waste any more resources than necessary.

Recycled Pens

Recycled pens use recycled materials. The most common types of recycled pens use materials like plastic, metal, or glass.

Many people prefer to use recycled pens because they believe it’s better for the environment than using traditional pens made from new materials. Recycled plastics can be harmful to the environment if they’re not disposed of properly and recycled metals can contain toxins that may leach into the soil after disposal. Glass, when used in place of other kinds of plastic or metal products like cans or tires, has no negative environmental impact

Pilot Bottle 2 Pen

 The Pilot Bottle 2 Pen is the best-recycled ballpoint pen. It uses recycled materials and it’s made from recycled plastic bottles. The design is simple, clean, and will fit in your hand perfectly. The ink flows smoothly and evenly with no skipping or blotching, making it a pleasure to write with.

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Pilot Bottle 2 Pen

Chavi Recycled Newspaper Pencils

Chavi Recycled Newspaper Pencils are the perfect way to support your favourite elementary school or middle school art program. The pencils use 100% recycled newsprint, and they’re a great way to reduce waste and save trees. The pencils come in a case of 12, so you can give them out to your students at the beginning of the year or as a reward for good behaviour.

Chavi Recycled Newspaper Pencils

Bamboo Pens

You may not know it, but bamboo is a renewable resource. It’s a fast-growing grass and can grow to be very tall in just a matter of months. Bamboo is used to make a variety of products, such as furniture and flooring. Because bamboo is so readily available, it’s considered a sustainable resource (meaning we can use it for many years without worrying about running out). The great thing about bamboo pens is that they’re biodegradable too!

Zenzoi Bamboo Fountain Pen Set

The Zenzoi bamboo fountain pen set is a must-have for any writer who loves the outdoors. Each pen uses bamboo, including the tip, and features a unique design that makes it eye-catching and easy to hold. There’s also an ink cartridge so you can start writing right away! 

Zenzoi Bamboo Fountain Pen Set

Xeno Natural Bamboo Body Mechanical Pencil with Leads and Erasers

 The Xeno Natural Bamboo Body Mechanical Pencil with Leads and Erasers is a classic pencil that will be the perfect addition to your desk or office. The wood body of this pencil comes from 100% bamboo, which has a lovely natural feel and looks while being very durable. The pencils come with two eraser refills and two leads, so you can start writing right away!

Xeno Natural Bamboo Body Mechanical Pencil with Leads and Erasers

Outus Bamboo Wooden Retractable Ballpoint Pen

The Outus Bamboo Wooden Retractable Ballpoint Pen is a beautiful, natural-looking pen that will help you get your thoughts down on paper. Made from bamboo and wood, this pen is simple and elegant. The ink flows smoothly and evenly, which makes writing with this pen a pleasure. It has a comfortable grip that makes writing easier and more comfortable.

This pen also has a retractable tip so you can keep it safely stored away when not in use. The tip of the pen is also replaceable, allowing you to keep using it for years to come.

Outus Bamboo Wooden Retractable Ballpoint Pen

Refillable Pens

Refillable pens use recycled materials, so they are not toxic to the environment. They’re also easy to refill and even easier to find. If you have one of these pens, you must know how to use it properly!

It’s best not to leave your pen lying around when it is empty because this can cause damage if dried-out ink gets stuck in the tip of your pen or on its barrel. You should always keep an eye out for a place where you can store refills for all of your writing instruments; this way, there will be no reason for anyone else who uses those same tools in an office setting ever again!

Everyone must know how much work goes into creating their own customized stationery set – especially if the said person wants them all printed locally too! So make sure that person doesn’t forget what kind of paper was used during production by offering them some tips on how long each type lasts before fading away completely.

Seltzer Seven-Year Pen

The Seltzer Seven-Year Pen is the only pen you’ll ever need. It’s a ballpoint pen, so it writes smoothly and accurately. And when it comes time to refill your ink, you don’t have to buy a new pen—just take the cap off and fill it up with any kind of water. No need for cartridges or special ink refills!

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Seltzer Seven-Year Pen

PILOT Vanishing Point Collection

 When you’re looking for a pen that’s going to last, you don’t have to look any further than the Pilot Vanishing Point Collection.

The Vanishing Point is a popular choice among professionals, students, and artists alike—and it’s easy to see why. The ink cartridge is easy to change, so you can use different colours without having to fuss around with refills or cartridges. The nib consists of tungsten carbide, which means it won’t ever wear down or get dull! And there are nine different nib sizes available on this pen, so you can write in just about any style imaginable.

Plus, the nib is retractable so that it will never be exposed when not in use. Once retracted, the tip of the pen retracts into a cap that protects it from damage. This was a revolutionary idea when Pilot first introduced it in 1938, and we think it’s still pretty smart today!

PILOT Vanishing Point Collection

Biodegradable Pens

Biodegradable pens are made from materials that break down naturally. They come from plants or can be fully or partially composed of corn, soy, or sugar. Biodegradable pens can also come from other organic materials like bamboo and even flax seeds.

Biodegradable pens will dissolve in water if you drop them in the ocean, but they may not dissolve as quickly as you might expect. They will take months to completely dissolve in water! So don’t toss your old biodegradable pen into a storm drain expecting it to get out into the ocean and start decomposing right away—it won’t happen that way!

Eco Pen Club The Earth Pen Multipack

 Eco Pen Club The Earth Pen Multipack is a pack of 5 pens that come from recycled materials. The pens are biodegradable and made in the UK, so you can feel good about supporting the local economy and environment.

The Eco Pen Club The Earth Pen Multipack is the perfect gift for someone who wants to make a difference in their community, or for yourself if you want to put something back into nature.

Eco Pen Club The Earth Pen Multipack

Fabula Biodegradable Pencil

Our Fabula Biodegradable Pencils come from 100% recycled materials, and they’re completely biodegradable. They’re great for sketching and drawing, but they can also be your regular writing utensils—so if you want to write something down, you can do that too!

Fabula Biodegradable Pencil

Sustainable Pens

Now that you’ve learned about the various eco-friendly writing instruments, it’s time to get out there and buy some. But where do you start? Here are a few tips:

Sustainable pens use recycled materials. That means they’re not just biodegradable; they’re also produced with the minimum amount of energy possible, which saves money and reduces pollution. Some sustainable pens use recycled plastic bottles, while others come from wood pulp. If you can find one made completely from recycled paper products, even better!

If you don’t have enough budget and all these beautiful pens aren’t in your price range—or if you just don’t like any of them—consider shopping for non-sustainable options instead! You’ll still be doing your part for Mother Earth (and her children), even if it means using regular old ink rather than biodegradable ink (which isn’t eco-friendly anyway).

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Sprout Pencils

 Sprout Pencils are pencils that grow into plants. The pencils come in a pack of five, and each one has seeds inside it that you can plant and watch sprout.

The pencils come from recycled materials and are completely biodegradable, so once your plants are grown, you can just bury them in the ground and they will decompose naturally!

You can use the pencils for practical purposes—for example, if you need to write something down on a small notepad but don’t have any paper handy. Or if you’re wanting to make some cute decorations for your desk at school or work.

Sprout Pencils

The Creator Plantable Pens

The Creator Plantable Pens are the perfect tool for any creative project. With a unique and cute design, these pens are sure to help you make your mark!

Each pen come from a biodegradable material that allows it to grow into a flower after use. This means that each pen can be reusable again, making it an eco-friendly option for writers everywhere.

The Creator Plantable Pens

Frequently Asked Questions

Are bamboo pens good for the environment?

Bamboo pens are an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint and waste. They are biodegradable, so when you’re done with them, you don’t have to worry about throwing them out. You can even plant them in the ground and they’ll grow into trees! Bamboo pens are also sustainable because they can be harvested without destroying the forest where they grow.

Is pen ink toxic to the environment?

Yes and no. Some pens are certainly more toxic than others, but it’s important to understand the different types of ink used in various pens before making a decision.

There are two main types of ink: conventional and non-toxic. Conventional pen inks contain heavy metals like lead and chromium. Non-toxic inks generally use vegetable dyes instead of heavy metals or other potentially dangerous substances, so they pose less risk to wildlife when they get into waterways or soil that could be consumed by animals or people who eat contaminated food products (e.g., fish).

Are eco-friendly pens recyclable?

The answer is yes! The plastic used in these pens can be recycled. It should be placed in a clear-topped bin, or taken to your local recycling centre.


Eco-friendly pens are a great way to start living a more sustainable lifestyle. You can make small changes that have big impacts on the environment and help protect our planet. If you have any questions or comments we would love to hear from you in the section below!

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