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Bath mats are one of those household items that get very little attention until you can’t find them. You might not realize it, but bath mats are an essential part of your bathing experience and can make a huge difference in your bathroom.

Shower and tub mats not only protect your floors from moisture damage and scuffs. They also help prevent slips by providing traction for your feet and hands when entering or exiting the shower or tub. Everyone is looking for ways to improve their environmental footprint as well as their health in 2019. It’s important to find bath rugs made from sustainable materials like organic cotton or bamboo wood instead of non-recyclable plastics or synthetics with harmful chemicals in their manufacturing processes.

What to look for when buying a bath mat?

It’s easy to forget about the humble bath mat, but they are one of the most used pieces of bathroom decor and can quickly become unsightly. Before you set out to find your next purchase, it’s important to consider what features you want from your new piece.

Look for something that is eco-friendly and biodegradable if possible. Made from natural materials that won’t release any harmful chemicals into your home. Easy to clean and store so you don’t have to deal with mould or mildew build-up over time. Durable enough so it doesn’t fall apart after months but not so heavy it damages floors when wet.

Why it’s important to get an eco-friendly bath mat?

Bath mats are a great place to start if you’re looking for ways to reduce plastic waste in your life, but they can also be hard to find. Plastic bath mats may seem like a good option, but they end up in landfills or oceans when thrown away. In addition to being environmentally harmful, plastic bath mats often contain chemicals that can leach into your skin while using.

There are many eco-friendly alternatives available now that use fabrics such as bamboo or hemp instead of PVC (polyvinyl chloride). These are known for their toxicity and propensity toward leaching chemicals into liquids such as water.

These natural materials will biodegrade over time so there’s no need for harsh chemicals during manufacturing processes either. It all adds up to what we like most about these types: leaving less behind after use!

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How to clean your bath mat?

When it comes to keeping your mat clean, there are a few different options. The first one is to use a vacuum cleaner (or broom). If you have hardwood floors in addition to your mat, the best way to keep everything looking tidy and fresh is by sweeping with a soft-bristle brush every time you finish drying off with your towel. This will remove any sand or dirt that is left behind.

Next, if there’s any stubborn grime stuck on the surface of the mat that won’t budge at all, try using a damp cloth or sponge with some mild soap and water. Just be sure not to soak it for too long or scrub it too vigorously. You don’t want to damage its natural fibres!

To help you find the best eco-friendly bath mat around, we rounded up a few of our favourite options.

Scott Living Terrain 100% Charcoal Infused Cotton Bath Rug

This bath rug is an eco-friendly option that will keep your bathroom looking fresh and clean. Charcoal-infused, 100% cotton adds colour and style to any bathroom. This rug features durable construction that allows for easy machine washing and drying. You can keep your space clean without having to worry about constant replacements or long cleaning processes!

The lightweight design makes it easy for everyone in the family to handle, even if they’re only young children building up their strength. In fact, this rug has been tested for non-skid as well!

The material used here offers a cushioned feel on top so nothing slips around when you walk on it. Even in wet conditions like after showering or bathing. Its drapey form means there’s no need for any underlining beneath the fabric.

This means no more mouldy smells lingering around corners because they have nowhere else to go but up through porous surfaces like laminate flooring.

Scott Living Terrain 100% Charcoal Infused Cotton Bath Rug
Explore this indestructible Scott Living Terrain 100% Charcoal Infused Cotton Bath Rug

Natural Bamboo Wood Bath Mat

If you’re looking for a bath mat that is both environmentally friendly and durable, then the Natural Bamboo Wood Bath Mat is for you. This 100% organic cotton bath mat comes from recycled materials and is machine washable. With its durable bamboo backing and soft cotton top, this eco-friendly option will be hard to beat when it comes to quality and value.

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Bamboo also has many environmental benefits as well as being sustainable. It grows quickly without pesticides or fertilizers. It’s resistant to insects; it doesn’t need much water or sunlight, and it’s not susceptible to disease or pests. And since bamboo can last up to 20 years in some conditions, you’ll be saving money, in the long run, thanks to its durability!

So if you’re looking for an eco-friendly product that lasts while also being comfortable underfoot (and looks great too), look no further than a natural bamboo wood bath mat!

Natural Bamboo Wood Bath Mat
Explore this indestructible Natural Bamboo Wood Bath Mat

Welhome 100% Cotton Reversible Bathroom Rug

This bath mat comes from 100% cotton, so you can toss it in the washer and dryer with no worries. It’s reversible, too. One side is a solid grey, while the other sports two shades of blue that fade into each other faintly along the edges. The rug stays put on your bathroom floor thanks to its waterproof backing and non-slip bottom.

There are no chemical treatments to worry about where. The colour will not fade or bleed after washing, so these mats should last for years to come without any special treatment. They’re also resistant to mould or mildew; great news if you live somewhere humid!

Welhome 100% Cotton Reversible Bathroom Rug
Explore this indestructible Welhome 100% Cotton Reversible Bathroom Rug

Eco Terry Sustainable Bathroom Rugs Set

An eco-friendly bath mat is a great way to improve your home’s overall environmental impact. These mats use 100% cotton, which means they’re not only eco-friendly but also machine washable. The manufacturer recommends that you only use cold water or organic soap whenever you clean these mats.

Because of their natural material composition and lack of harsh chemicals like bleach, these bathroom rugs don’t easily shed dye. This makes them ideal for those with sensitive skin who want to avoid picking up dye or other chemicals.

Eco Terry Sustainable Bathroom Rugs Set
Explore this indestructible Eco Terry Sustainable Bathroom Rugs Set

Queensell Bamboo Rug

The Queensell Bamboo Rug uses 100% bamboo fibre, which can be cleaned using a damp rag. The rug also has a 100% cotton backing and non-slip rubber backing for traction. The manufacturer recommends washing the mat in warm water and mild detergent before placing it back on the floor.

It’s machine-washable, dryer safe, durable, easy to clean (and thus eco-friendly), anti-odour resistant, and antibacterial. This means that you’ll save money on having to purchase new mats every few months!

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Queensell Bamboo Rug
Explore this indestructible Queensell Bamboo Rug

Shikara 100% Organic Cotton Bathroom Rug

If you are looking for an eco-friendly bath mat, then the Shikara 100% Organic Cotton Bathroom Rug is a great option. This mat consists of 100% organic cotton, which means it does not contain any harmful chemicals. It can also be machine washed in cold water and tumble dried on low heat or air dried. This makes it super convenient to clean and maintain!

The same rug can be used in the bathroom or kitchen. It absorbs moisture but is thin enough that it won’t get too slippery underfoot when wet. It also has two sizes: a bath mat (40 x 60 cm) and a kitchen towel (30 x 40 cm). The manufacturer recommends using this product as either a bath mat, kitchen mat, or bath towel. This makes sense since they all share the same material composition and design aesthetic!

Shikara 100% Organic Cotton Bathroom Rug
Explore this indestructible Shikara 100% Organic Cotton Bathroom Rug


If you’re looking to purchase a new bath mat that will last you many years, then we hope our list of eco-friendly options has given you some great ideas. Remember that these mats are not only good for your bathroom but also great for the environment. So, keep in mind all of the features we discussed above when making your final decision.

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