Best Wooden Dollhouse for the Eco-Conscious Kid: Our Top 5 Picks

A doll house is a staple in every child’s bedroom. It helps them imagine themselves as a grown-up, and it allows them to play with their dolls in an environment that they can control. This eco-friendly wooden doll house will allow your child to do just that! Not only is the design beautiful, but it’s also made from reclaimed wood and painted with non-toxic paints to keep your baby safe.

Overall Results

Best OverallAll Seasons Kids Wooden Doll House by Hape

Best for Gender NeutralModern Wooden Dollhouse by Wishwood

Best for DurabilityNatural Wooden Our Maine Dollhouse by Elves & Angels

Best for PortabilityFold & Go Wooden Dollhouse with Play Figures and Furniture by Melissa & Doug

Best for ToddlersMerrywood Rosewood Cottage by Tender Leaf

What to Consider in Buying Wooden Dollhouse?

They are safer and healthier for children to play with.

Wooden dollhouses are made of natural materials and therefore, safer for children to play with. They are also healthier for children to play with as they don’t contain harmful chemicals that may cause allergies or skin rashes.

Wooden dollhouses are better for the environment than plastic ones because they last longer and can be recycled when they get old. Plastic doll houses don’t break down easily and end up in landfills where they will stay until eventually being incinerated or buried underground forever!

Finally, wooden doll houses last longer than plastic ones so you won’t have to buy another one in a couple of months!

They are better for the environment.

Wooden dollhouses are made from natural materials, which makes them biodegradable. This means that when your child grows out of their wooden dollhouse and it’s no longer being used, it can be recycled or even burned as fuel for heating a house. 

Wooden dollhouses are also more sustainable than those made from plastic or other man-made materials. When you buy a wooden dollhouse for your child, you’re helping protect the environment by buying something that won’t add to landfills when no longer needed!

Wooden items are often made from renewable resources like trees, bamboo, and corkwood (a type of hardwood). This means that there will always be more available to make more wooden structures for future generations to enjoy as well!

They are more durable than plastic doll houses.

Wooden dollhouses are generally more durable than plastic ones. They don’t break as easily and don’t become toxic, a fire hazard, or a choking hazard if they’re eaten by small children. There’s also less chance of them becoming a safety hazard. 

This means that you can let your kids play with the wooden doll house without worrying about them getting hurt or damaging it.

Wooden dollhouses are better for everyone

Wooden dollhouses are a safer, healthier, and more environmentally-conscious choice for your family. Because the materials used to make them are not toxic, you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals being absorbed by your child’s toys. 

And because wooden dollhouses can be made using renewable resources like wood and bamboo, they’re better for the environment as well.

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Additionally, wooden dollhouses are also stronger than plastic or vinyl ones so they’ll last longer. They’re less likely to break if dropped or mishandled by your child because of their solid construction compared with other materials that may shatter when dropped from a certain height or applied too much force on them (such as pushing down on a plastic door).

Why use Eco-friendly Wooden Dollhouse?

Made of wood

Wood is a common material used in doll houses. This means that the wood was once part of an old building, furniture, or pallet. When the tree is cut down for lumber, it’s often sold to companies who will use it for things like furniture and crafts.

When you’re buying reclaimed wood from these companies, they have extensive quality control processes in place so you know exactly what you’re getting. They inspect each piece of lumber to make sure it’s safe and high quality before sending out any orders—and they also ensure that all pieces come from certified sustainable sources only (like recycled plastics). 

Since these companies are dedicated to providing only the best products possible, their prices can be higher than in other places where there isn’t such strict quality control on what gets sent out into the world!

This particular wooden doll house was made using reclaimed wood scraps left over after other projects were completed by craftspeople around town—so instead of ending up in a landfill somewhere collecting dust while waiting for someone else’s creative vision…these beautiful pieces were reused here instead!

Incorporates organic shapes and materials

The doll house is made of reclaimed wood, a material that can be recycled and reused. It makes use of natural materials like clay and cotton, making it an eco-friendly toy. These materials can also be reused or recycled when you’re done with the dollhouse.

Can be used indoors and outdoors

Wooden dollhouses can be used indoors or outdoors, so your kids can enjoy them any time of year! They’re made from sustainable wood, which means they’ll last for years without needing replacement, and the paint is non-toxic so it won’t harm your kids or the planet in any way.

Because they’re made from wood, these dollhouses are also easy to move around as needed. And when you’re ready for a change of scenery, you can even take them apart and put them back together again!

Our Top Picks

All Seasons Kids Wooden Doll House by Hape ($150)

Wooden dollhouses make great toys for children when they play with them. The All Seasons Kids Wooden Dollhouse is big and sturdy and comes fully furnished, painted, and decorated. It has six rooms on three stories which means hours of fun for your little one! 

Our All Seasons Kids Wooden Doll House by Hape is the perfect gift for any little girl who loves dolls, pretend play, and socializing. The modern design prompts imaginative fun, while the eco-friendly accents provide parents with an opportunity to introduce kids to concepts like climate change and environmental awareness. 

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The wood is a breeze to wipe clean, and the entertainment value justifies the high price tag. This kid’s wooden dollhouse has solid wood construction, so it’s safe for your child to play with.

Dimensions: 23.6 x 11.8 x 28.9 inches

Weight: 6.4 pounds

Material: Wood

Recommended Age Range: 3 years and up

All Seasons Kids Wooden Doll House by Hape
Buy here.

Modern Wooden Dollhouse by Wishwood ($35)

Looking for a fun and educational toy for your child? The Wishwood’s Modern Wooden Dollhouse is just the thing. This simple, sturdy dollhouse is not only perfect for imaginative play but also develops cognitive skills in kids. It is not pricey at all and can be used as a gift if you’re not sure whether your child will like playing with a dollhouse.

Dimensions: 11.4 x 14.2 x 13 inches

Material: Wood
Recommended Age Range: 3 years and up

Modern Wooden Dollhouse by Wishwood
Buy here

Natural Wooden Our Maine Dollhouse by Elves & Angels ($310)

The Natural Wooden Our Maine Dollhouse is a beauty of a dollhouse. It features a classic design, with nine rooms on two stories. With all the furniture included and various options for craftsmanship and hardwood, you can choose this as a lasting heirloom for your children or grandchildren.

Dimensions: 30 x 24 x 24 inches

Material: Wood
Recommended Age Range: 3 years and up

Natural Wooden Our Maine Dollhouse by Elves & Angels
Buy here.

Fold & Go Wooden Dollhouse with Play Figures and Furniture by Melissa & Doug ($54)

Bring your imagination to life with this Fold & Go Wooden Dollhouse from Melissa & Doug! This fully assembled foldable dollhouse has been carefully designed with a working front door and garage that opens and closes easily. 

One of the best things about this dollhouse is how portable it is. You can store it away when you’re not playing with it and pull it out when your child is ready to get creative. The neutral-looking wood will complement most decor styles, but you can also opt to paint the house to match your child’s room if you’d like — or even give them some paint and let them customize the set themselves! 

It comes with two figures as well as 11 pieces of furniture (a chair, table, sofa, bed, dressing table, and stool). If your child wants to play somewhere else, they have to close the house and take it with them!

Dimensions: 15.5 x 10.5 x 10 inches

Weight: 5.4 pounds

Material: Wood

Recommended Age Range: 3 to 6 years

Fold & Go Wooden Dollhouse with Play Figures and Furniture by Melissa & Doug
Buy here.

Merrywood Rosewood Cottage by Tender Leaf ($145)

Bring the wonder of nature into your child’s bedroom with this magical cottage by Tender Leaf. With a rose-colored gabled roof, opening front doors and a removable back panel, this little house can be carried to be played with anywhere. 

Decorated on all sides with beautiful wildflowers, and two cut-out windows that allow the flower stems to run through creating a magical meadow look.

Dimensions: 16.54 x 15.75 x 12.2 inches

Weight: 3.34 pounds

Material: Wood

Recommended Age Range: 3 years and up

Merrywood Rosewood Cottage by Tender Leaf
Buy here.


What is an eco-friendly wooden dollhouse?

An eco-friendly wooden dollhouse is composed of materials that are sustainable, recycled, non-toxic, renewable, and biodegradable.

To be considered sustainable, a material must be able to be extracted from the earth at a rate equal to or less than its rate of replenishment. Non-toxic paints and glue are also important considerations when looking for an eco-friendly dollhouse for your child.

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Why is an eco-friendly wooden dollhouse more expensive?

There are a few reasons why an eco-friendly wooden dollhouse is more expensive than a traditional, mass-produced plastic one. First, they’re made from sustainable materials, which means they’re often handcrafted by skilled artisans who use local hardwoods and other resources. This makes them not only beautiful works of art (and play) but also heirlooms that can be passed on for generations to come. 

Second, these eco-friendly dollhouses are customized to fit your child’s needs—you can choose everything from the size of the house to what kind of furniture and accessories you want inside it! 

And lastly, these toys are designed with longevity in mind: They’re built to last for years instead of months or weeks like many other toys out there today.

Where to buy an eco-friendly wooden dollhouse?

  • Online

The best place to shop for eco-friendly dollhouses is online. You’ll find all the major brands there and will be able to compare prices, reviews, and features without having to leave your house or drive anywhere. You can also look up second-hand wooden dollhouses on websites like eBay or Craigslist and buy one that’s already constructed, just in a smaller size—this way you won’t have to assemble it yourself.

  • In store

Most stores that sell toys will also sell wooden dollhouses (or at least let you know where else you might find one), so if your local toy store doesn’t have many options, start checking around nearby bookstores or toy stores; they may have what you need to be hidden somewhere on their shelves! If this still doesn’t pan out for you then try calling them directly; sometimes large chain stores order special items just for their customers and those orders aren’t always reflected online


Wooden dollhouses are a great way for kids to get creative and have fun with their dolls. You can find plenty of options on the market, but you might want to consider investing in an eco-friendly wooden doll house if you want something that’s both safe and sustainable. These products often use reclaimed wood as well as organic shapes and materials, making them perfect gifts for little girls who love nature!

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