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Bubble wrap is great for keeping things safe and secure, but it’s not so great for the environment! Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives out there. These days, you can buy eco-friendly bubble wrap that comes from corn starch or recycled plastic bottles. And while it might not be quite as bouncy as traditional bubble wrap, it certainly has its benefits:

Reasons To Use Eco-Friendly Bubble Wrap

It’s always ready.

Eco-friendly bubble wrap is always ready to use. You don’t have to wait for the bubbles to come out of a machine as you do with traditional bubble wrap. And it’s ready when you need it most: when you have an item that needs protecting!

It’s reusable.

If you’re going to be wrapping a lot of gifts this holiday season, then you might want to consider using bubble wrap. It is reusable as a pillow or cushion, used as a toy for children, and it’s even great in the garden (pest control). You can also use the cardboard from bubble wrap to make reusable packaging for your items. If you decide not to reuse it after all, then there are plenty of recycling centres that will gladly take it off your hands.

It’s vegan!

If you are a vegan or someone who cares about animals, then you will be happy to know that the new eco-friendly bubble wrap is cruelty-free. It uses a plant-based material instead of petroleum and does not contain any animal byproducts.

It’s bendy and stretchy.

You can use bubble wrap to get a full-body workout, either at home or in the office. It’s an excellent way to exercise, and it’s also fun!

Bubble wrap is bendy and stretchy, so you don’t have to worry about having injury by it in any way. If you make sure you’re doing each move correctly, it will help your body become stronger over time.

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If you’re looking for a way to stay healthy and fit without having to go out of your way too much (or go at all), using bubble wrap is a great option!

It’s pretty lighthearted.

Bubble wrap is a fun material. It’s lighthearted, colourful, and generally harmless. This makes it the perfect choice for packaging that needs to be fun but not too serious.

Bubble wrap is also extremely versatile. You can use it as packing material, play with it as a toy or even use it in art projects or DIY crafts! You can find bubble wrap being versatile in all sorts of products from food items like cereal boxes to clothing items like hats and purses; even toys such as stuffed animals!

It can help you get into shape!

One of the best ways to use bubble wrap is as a yoga mat replacement. This is great because it’s easily available and inexpensive, and you can take it with you when travelling.

You can also use it for various exercises; one of my favourites is using Bubble Wrap as an ab workout. It’s also great for stretching, making it a versatile tool that can benefit almost anyone!

6 Eco-Friendly Bubble Wrap To Use For Your Next Packaging

UCGOU Natural Kraft Bubble Mailers

If you’re looking for a minimal, eco-friendly packaging option that’s both affordable and good for the environment, consider using these UCGOU Natural Kraft Bubble Mailers. The material comes from recycled paper and can be recyclable again and again after use—so it’s an entirely sustainable option. Kraft paper is also the perfect medium to ship small items because it’s foldable around its contents without crushing or damaging them.

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UCGOU Natural Kraft Bubble Mailers
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Ecoswift Kraft Bubble Mailers

Ecoswift Kraft Bubble Mailers come from 100% recycled paper and originate in the U.S. These mailers are recyclable and they’re using post-consumer waste, so they’re environmentally friendly as well. It’s no surprise that these mailers have been recognized as an eco-friendly product by the EPA and the Green Seal organization! If you want to make your packaging more eco-friendly, then you’ll love these kraft bubble mailers!

Ecoswift Kraft Bubble Mailers
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TDZWIN Honeycomb Packing Paper

TDZWIN Honeycomb Packing Paper is a 100% environmentally friendly product, as it consists of recycled materials. The material has FDA approval and high quality. This makes it great for packaging food products and other things that may be sensitive to moisture. This type of packing paper has an effective void volume, which means that air can be trapped within the package so that items are not just floating in the air but surrounded by cushioning.

TDZWIN Honeycomb Packing Paper
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Ranpak Ready Roll Natural Packing Paper

Ranpak Ready Roll Natural Packing Paper is a natural, biodegradable product made from recycled paper and polyethene. It’s an economical alternative to bubble wrap that’s lightweight, strong, and flexible. This type of packing paper is best for items that aren’t fragile and can withstand some crushing, like books and small items. It’s also great for protecting delicate items from moisture, which can cause damage over time.

Ranpak Ready Roll Natural Packing Paper
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Earth Hugger Bubble Cushion

Earth Hugger Bubble Cushion comes from 100% recycled bubble wrap. It comes from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, which then become polyethene film. The polyethene film is cut and packaged into pre-cut sheets of bubble wrap to create the Earth Hugger brand of cushioning products.

Earth Hugger Bubble Cushion
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Besitek Honeycomb Packing Paper

If you’re looking for a durable, alternative option to bubble wrap, Besitek Honeycomb Packing Paper is a great choice. It consists of recyclable materials and is designed with small items in mind. This type of packaging is versatile for shipping, storage, or packing purposes.

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If you’re shipping something fragile or delicate and need additional protection, this material is perfect as it will cushion your item from impacts like dropping or rolling around in transit—without adding too much bulk to your box! Some people even use honeycomb paper to wrap gifts because it’s so lightweight and offers an attractive look that won’t break the bank on postage.

Besitek Honeycomb Packing Paper
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We hope this article gave you some insight into why eco-friendly bubble wrap is so great. You can use it in so many different ways! So, go ahead and get your hands on some eco-friendly bubble wrap today. You won’t regret it!

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