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Don’t you just hate when your hairbrush goes missing? Then, when you finally find it buried at the bottom of your makeup bag, you realize that it’s a gnarled and useless lump. That’s why I’ve started using a sustainable hair brush. They’re great for the environment and can also improve your hair health. Not to mention make it easy to find if they ever get lost again!

Reasons To Use Sustainable Hair Brush

They last a long time.

Another reason to use a sustainable hair brush is that they last much longer than plastic ones.

Because they’re using completely natural materials, they have no toxic chemicals or other harmful substances. This would break down the bristles over time. A regular brush may only last you 3 or 4 months at best. A sustainable one can last for years!

You can also use your old plastic toothbrush to clean your new sustainable brush when you first get it. This is another way for you to save money in the long run.

They don’t produce waste.

Compostable. Sustainable hair brushes are biodegradable, so they will break down in a compost bin.

Reusable. Hair brushes come from sustainable materials that can be used over and over again. This makes them more cost-effective than plastic or metal ones that are replaceable regularly.

No waste. Some plastic and metal hair brushes produce waste because they don’t break down easily in landfills or recycling centres. What isn’t recyclable ends up as trash on the streets of our cities and towns!

No plastic! The synthetic bristles found in many disposable brush brands tend to contain harmful chemicals like polyvinyl chloride (PVC). There is a linkage to cancerous growths if ingested by humans or animals alike.

They are easy to clean.

To clean your brush, just rinse it with water. Soft toothbrushes are usable to clean the bristles. The bristles may also be removed from their slots and cleaned separately, but this is not necessary.

To dry your brush after it has been rinsed, wrap a dry towel around the handle and shake vigorously. This will remove excess water from the handle and allow you to store your brush safely away from moisture for future use.

They can potentially improve your hair.

You’ve probably heard that brushing your hair can help distribute natural oils and improve scalp health. This is true, but did you know that it can also increase the production of new hair? Brushing stimulates the follicles in a way that encourages growth and prevents shedding, which means more hair on your head!

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If you want healthier strands that are less prone to breakage or loss—while also getting rid of tangles. You should invest in one of these sustainable brushes today!

They’re good for the earth.

The most obvious benefit of using a sustainable hair brush is that it will not harm the environment. Most traditional brushes use synthetic materials, which pollute the earth when disposed of. The bristles themselves aren’t recyclable because they are glued together and inseparable for recycling. 

8 Sustainable Hair Brush To Add To Your Vanity

allBambu Bamboo Hair Brush

We all know the importance of brushing our hair—but what kind of brush are you using? The allBambu Bamboo Hair Brush consists of natural fibres and bamboo. It won’t cause damage to your locks or scalp like a plastic brush might. The bristles are handmade in the USA and are 100% cruelty-free.

allBambu Bamboo Hair Brush
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BFWood Bamboo Hair Brush

BFWood Bamboo Hair Brush is hand-carved and made with no harsh chemicals. It’s also 100 per cent animal-free, so you can be confident that this brush will not hurt your hair. The bristles are very durable, and they are soft enough to gently lift your strands without pulling on them. This means less breakage and split ends!

BFWood Bamboo Hair Brush
Get BFWood Bamboo Hair Brush now.

Domax Wooden Bamboo Hair Brush

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly, non-toxic hair brush that will help you keep your strands healthy while also being gentle on your wallet, then look no further than this bamboo and boar bristle brush by Domax. The bristles come from natural boar hair. This is highly absorbent and can remove dirt more effectively than the plastic bristles of many other brushes.

The handle uses sustainable and renewable wood materials, so it won’t contribute to deforestation. In addition to being biodegradable, it also has a lovely matte finish that makes it stand out from its competitors.

Adorned with a bow on top of its round wooden base. This product looks great on any vanity or desk surface!

Domax Wooden Bamboo Hair Brush
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GAINWELL Bamboo Paddle Hair Brush

Have you ever wanted to go bamboo? Well, now’s your chance! With the GAINWELL Bamboo Paddle Hair Brush, you can add some sustainable style to your vanity.

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The GAINWELL Bamboo Paddle Hair Brush looks great with any hair colour as well as any hairstyle. This makes it an all-natural addition to any bathroom countertop or sink area in need of an upgrade. The handle is perfectly sized for one-handed use while brushing out knots after showering or styling.

GAINWELL Bamboo Paddle Hair Brush
Get GAINWELL Bamboo Paddle Hair Brush now.

Ninabella Organic Detangling Hair Brush

Ninabella Organic Detanglish Hair Brush is a great choice for those who want to take care of their hair, but don’t know where to start. It consists entirely of bamboo and is gentle on your hair while also being easy to clean. This is one of the few sustainable hair brushes on the market that’s usable for both wet and dry. If you have curly hair, this may be an important detail. The bristles aren’t plastic like many other brushes out there. So they won’t snag or pull at your strands as much as others do. You can even use it on children’s hair if you need to!

Ninabella Organic Detangling Hair Brush
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SHARCA Premium Wooden Bamboo Hair Brush

SHARCA Premium Wooden Bamboo Hair Brush comes from sustainable bamboo. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to reduce their carbon footprint. It also doesn’t use any chemicals or dyes—it’s completely natural. What’s more, it comes with no plastic packaging and is made by a 100% sustainable company in the United States.

This brush will gently comb through even the thickest strands of hair while still maintaining its shape over time. Unlike wooden combs, this brush won’t rip out chunks of your hair if you try to pull it through your locks. This ergonomic handle fits perfectly in your hand. Use it to brush away tangles, style products into wet hair, or even sweep up a mess on the floor!

Made from wood with no toxins so chemicals aren’t being released into the environment when we use this product daily!

SHARCA Premium Wooden Bamboo Hair Brush
Get SHARCA Premium Wooden Bamboo Hair Brush now.

SHASH Wooden Paddle Brush

SHASH Wooden Paddle Brush is a wooden paddle brush that comes from sustainable bamboo. It’s handmade and comes with a 100% recyclable box. You can feel good that it was made in the USA and no harmful chemicals were used in its production. SHASH also uses no animal testing and the bristles are hypoallergenic. So you don’t have to worry about any allergic reactions or breakouts!

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This brush works great for curly hair because it helps control frizz without damaging your locks. It’ll leave your mane feeling soft, smooth, and shiny—and who doesn’t want those things?

SHASH Wooden Paddle Brush
Get SHASH Wooden Paddle Brush now.

Vicky Lee Natural Wooden Bamboo Hair Combs

Vicky Lee’s bamboo hair combs are handmade in Thailand. These handmade wooden hair combs are perfect for any style and come in many different colours. The Vicky Lee Natural Wooden Bamboo Hair Combs have been designed to be gentle on the scalp while removing tangles gently during combing or styling your hair.

The natural bamboo wood has a smooth finish with no chemicals, dyes, or waxes added. This makes it perfect for sensitive scalps because it won’t irritate them like other materials do when regularly used.

The combs are also great for people who want sustainable, eco-friendly products made from renewable resources like bamboo. These are handmade, so there aren’t any large production lines involved. That’s why there aren’t as many as if these were mass-produced overseas. Somewhere like China where manufacturing processes aren’t always as stringent.

Vicky Lee Natural Wooden Bamboo Hair Combs
Get Vicky Lee Natural Wooden Bamboo Hair Combs now.


Sustainable hair brushes are not just something you use in the bathroom. They are versatile as a beauty tool and even as part of your everyday style. With so many options out there, it can be difficult to choose which one will work best for your hair type and needs. Hopefully, this list has given some insight into what makes each brush unique and what benefits they provide!

Discover more eco-friendly hair brush options available!

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