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Let’s be honest: fanny packs are a joke. They’re outdated, often not functional, and make you look like an over-the-hill tourist. But if you can get past those issues (and I’m sure you can), there are plenty of reasons to start carrying one again. This time, it won’t just be trendy tourists wearing eco-friendly fanny packs.

Fanny packs might be the most eco-friendly way to travel in 2019 because they eliminate the need for plastic bags. There are plenty of options out there for these items as well, so instead of buying another cheap nylon pouch from your local department store or souvenir shop when your current one starts falling apart (or losing its shape altogether), check out these seven options instead:

Cotopaxi Del Dia

The Cotopaxi Del Dia uses recycled polyester and features a zippered main compartment and an internal organizer. The exterior features four pockets that can fit your phone, keys, wallet and more.

This pack comes from the Philippines by a company founded in 2006 on the belief that “a better world is possible.” They use renewable energy sources to produce their bags at their factory in Manila.

Cotopaxi Del Dia
Cotopaxi Del Dia Eco-friendly Fanny Packs

Freakmandu Collections

With so many brands, it can be hard to know what eco-friendly materials aren’t. This is why Freakmandu Collections has made its products from recycled materials, focusing on reusing plastic and water bottles. 

Their designs include elastic bands that come from recycled rubber. The zippers often consist of recycled PET plastic or polyester, and the synthetic fibres they use in some of their fabrics come from recycled ABS or PVC plastics.

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These fanny packs aren’t just environmentally conscious—they’re also attractive! They come in various colours (like blue, purple, and grey) and patterns (like stripes). The designs feature fun prints like polka dots or geometric shapes that pop against their solid backgrounds. The best part is that these prints won’t fade over time since they’re printing directly onto the fabric instead of applying it as an applique.

Freakmandu Collections
Freakmandu Collections Eco-friendly Fanny Packs

Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective is a company that makes bags, wallets, and accessories. Their fanny packs use recycled materials and are low-impact and sustainable. They come in fun patterns and colours that will make you look stylish while on the go.

Available in four different sizes (small, medium, large, and extra large), these fanny packs are long enough to hold your essentials without being bulky or heavy. The straps are adjustable to fit around your waist perfectly if you want it tighter or looser. It depends on how much stuff you carry around that day!

Girlfriend Collective
Girlfriend Collective Eco-friendly Fanny Packs

Gordon Sinclair

If you are looking for eco-friendly fanny packs, look no further than the Gordon Sinclair. This bag uses 100% recycled cotton and features an adjustable strap to fit your body perfectly. 

The outside of the bag has many pockets that are perfect for keeping track of your belongings while on the go or just hanging out in nature. You can also use it as a purse if you have stuff you need to bring along with you!

To ensure this product was manufactured responsibly, Gordon Sinclair products are made in the USA at facilities that meet all standards American Apparel (AA) set forth.

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Gordon Sinclair
Gordon Sinclair Eco-friendly Fanny Packs

Dime Bags

Dime Bags were the first to transition from traditional plastic to a 100% recycled material. The company uses old soda and water bottles (and other recyclable materials) as their base, making each fanny pack stylish and environmentally friendly. The bags are durable and easy to clean, so you can toss them in your gym bag one day and then have lunch with friends the next without worrying about getting food all over your new accessory.

Dime Bags
Dime Bags Eco-friendly Fanny Pack

Maha Bodhi

Most fanny packs use synthetic fabrics that are not biodegradable, but the Maha Bodhi is comes from 100% recycled polyester. It’s waterproof, so you can wear it on rainy days without worrying about getting wet. 

And being eco-friendly isn’t all this fanny pack has to go for it: it also has several pockets (including one for your phone) and comes with an adjustable strap so you can customize how tightly or loosely it fits around your waist.

Maha Bodhi
Maha Bodhi Eco-friendly Fanny Packs


Maika is a company that makes eco-friendly fanny packs. Their bags come from recycled materials and are produced in the USA. The company uses plastic bottles and other plastics to create their products, which means your fanny pack will be stylishly green.

The company offers a variety of products—from simple one-strap fanny packs to more elaborate crossbody bags—but all of them consist of recycled materials. This is an excellent choice if you want a stylish bag without sacrificing your eco-consciousness!

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Maika Eco-friendly Fanny Packs

These fanny packs will help you cut down on plastic while looking fashionable and functional.

Fanny packs are a practical way to carry your stuff while still looking fashionable. They’re great for travelling, biking, and other adventures where you might need to bring important items like your phone or keys. Even if you don’t require one regularly, fanny packs can be an environmentally friendly choice when it comes time to buy something new. These come from sustainable materials and feature designs that don’t waste as much plastic as traditional models. So they look good in style without hurting the planet!


We hope you’ve found a fanny pack that suits your needs and helps you feel good about the planet. We think it’s important to support companies using sustainable practices and materials. If you’re looking for eco-friendly umbrellas, check out this article!

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