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Placemats are an excellent way to add a touch of style to your home, but they’re not just decorative items. Eco-friendly placemats can also help protect the planet by reducing waste and saving energy. But what exactly is an eco-friendly placemat? How do they work? And what should you look for when buying one? Let’s dive in!

What are eco-friendly placemats?

What are eco-friendly placemats? Placemats come from biodegradable materials, sustainable materials, or renewable resources. This means they are washable and reusable. Placemats made from recycled materials do not have the same lifespan as those made from new materials, which is why we recommend using a placemat that is biodegradable or sustainable for your home.

The main benefit of using an eco-friendly placemat is that it helps protect the environment by reducing waste and helping to combat climate change by preventing the deforestation of trees for paper production.

Why use them?

Placemats are an eco-friendly alternative to tablecloths. They protect your tabletop from heat, stains, and spills while also helping to keep it clean. Placemats are usable in the kitchen to prevent oils and other liquids from soaking into your table. 

They can also be placed underneath hot pots and pans to stop them from leaving water marks on your surface. Placemats can also double up as trivets when serving food at a buffet or party.

How can I make my own?

You can make your placemats by using a variety of materials, including fabric, paper, and even plastic. Also, You can use recycled materials to make your placemats. You can also use eco-friendly fabrics to make your placemats.

Tips To Protect Our Planet

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

  • Reduce your use of disposable items.
  • Consider reusing items that are reusable!
  • Recycle what you can’t reuse.

If you’re not sure if something is recyclable or if it’s better to just buy a new one, check out Earth911’s recycling search tool. It will tell you exactly where to take your materials and let you know how much it will cost in time and money to do so (or just skip the search altogether).

Compost Everything

Composting is a natural process that uses bacteria and fungi to break down organic materials into compost. It helps reduce waste, save money, and adds nutrients to the soil. You can compost at home or in your garden, by using either a compost bin or an open pile method. The best way to get started is by using kitchen scraps such as vegetable peelings, eggshells, coffee grounds, and tea bags.

Use Beeswax Wrap Rather Than Plastic

If you’re looking for a more natural option, beeswax wrap is a great alternative. Beeswax wrap comes from beeswax and cotton, so it’s biodegradable. This eco-friendly placemat is reusable and comes in different sizes. Beeswax wrap is available at many grocery stores or online retailers like Amazon and Target.

Switch To Paper-Based Packaging

When you do your grocery shopping, try to buy items that are sold in paper bags instead of plastic ones. Use paper cups and plates instead of those made from plastic or Styrofoam. You can also make use of paper straws and napkins, which are much easier on the environment than their plastic counterparts.

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Explore other eco-friendly packaging options in this article.

Use green cleaning products for your home

If you want to get your home as green as possible, it’s important to use eco-friendly cleaning products. There are plenty of options that don’t include harsh chemicals that can cause damage to the environment, while still getting the job done. Here are some tips:

  • Baking soda and vinegar – these two ingredients work great for scrubbing all sorts of surfaces around your house! You can use them together or separately depending on what kind of surface you’re cleaning, but either way they will do wonders at removing stains and disinfecting without leaving behind any harmful residue like traditional cleaners would do. I also recommend using borax instead of bleach when washing clothes if you have a lot because it won’t leave behind any nasty chemicals either!
  • Lemon juice – this is a very popular natural cleaner that works well on many different materials (such as wood furniture) if you don’t want them getting damaged by harsh chemicals involved in other products.

Explore eco-friendly cleaning products that are available on Amazon.

Try These Trendy Eco-Friendly Placemats

Chardin Home Multi-Chindi Placemats

These placemats use 100% cotton and come in six different colours. They’re also 24″ x 18″ so they’ll fit on most tables and also look great in any room in the house. Don’t worry about spills—these placemats are machine washable!

Chardin Home Multi-Chindi Placemats
Add colour to your table using Chardin Home Multi-Chindi Placemats

Thy Collectibles Bamboo Table Placemat

Thy Collectibles Bamboo Table Placemat is the perfect eco-friendly mat to protect your table from scratches, stains, and spills. This placemat comes from 100% organic bamboo that doesn’t harm the environment. It’s also biodegradable and compostable at home for easy recycling.

This placemat comes in several sizes—20 x 18 inches, 16 x 13 inches, 8 x 10 inches—and there are other designs available too! Thy Collectibles Bamboo Table Placemat might cost you a little more than other options on this list, but if you’re looking for a natural product that won’t hurt the environment or harm animals when it eventually goes away (because all things must pass), then this one may be right up your alley.

Thy Collectibles Bamboo Table Placemat
Add colour to your table using Thy Collectibles Bamboo Table Placemat.

Fernish Décor Eco-Friendly Jute/Cotton Placemats

They come from 100% biodegradable materials, including jute and cotton. No chemicals or dyes are used in the production of these placemats. The materials used to make this mat are free of PVC, latex, phthalates, lead, and cadmium—and that’s just the beginning! There are no toxic heavy metals used in the making of this product either.

With so many eco-friendly options out there today, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. Hopefully, these guidelines will help you make an informed decision about which products best suit your needs—whether they be for yourself or a friend, or a loved one who wants to follow suit with their eco-friendly lifestyle.

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Fernish Décor Eco-Friendly Jute/Cotton Placemats
Add colour to your table using Fernish Décor Eco-Friendly Jute/Cotton Placemats

Generic Eco-Friendly Disposable Placemats

Disposable placemats are a great way to reduce waste. They are cheap and easy to buy, made from recycled paper, and can be used for a few weeks before being thrown away. Disposable placemats are biodegradable so they last longer than other disposable table covers.

Since they’re inexpensive and easy to find at most supermarkets or large retailers like Target or Walmart, using disposable placemats is an easy way to waste less in your home.

Generic Eco-Friendly Disposable Placemats
Add colour to your table using Generic Eco-Friendly Disposable Placemats

Koyal Wholesale Water Hyacinth Placemats

If you’re looking for a natural, eco-friendly placemat that can be used indoors or out, Koyal Wholesale Water Hyacinth Placemats are the perfect option. Made from water hyacinth, these placemats have a beautiful texture and appearance. They’re made in India from naturally occurring resources and are constructed using hand-knotted techniques.

Koyal Wholesale Water Hyacinth Placemats come in four sizes: 8″ x 8″, 10″ x 10″, 12″ x 12″, and 14″ x 14″. They’re available in six vibrant colours: green, teal blue, and red with white patterning (shown), orange with brown patterning (pictured), black with brown patterning (shown), and brown with tan patterning.

Koyal Wholesale Water Hyacinth Placemats
Add colour to your table using Koyal Wholesale Water Hyacinth Placemats.

Kyros Woven Rattan & Hyacinth Style Placemats

These woven rattan and hyacinth placemats are the perfect addition to your home. Their size is 20×20 inches and they consist of rattan and hyacinth, a beautiful material that won’t fade or crack over time.

They have a natural design that will make them fit in perfectly with any kind of decorating style you have going on in your house. It’s easy to care for them—you just wipe them down with a damp cloth when necessary! 

If you want to get rid of any stains, use mild soap and water then dry immediately on both sides with a towel so they don’t absorb moisture into their fibres again later on down the road when someone spills something else on top of themselves again.

Kyros Woven Rattan & Hyacinth Style Placemats
Add colour to your table using Kyros Woven Rattan & Hyacinth Style Placemats

Asix Handmade Palm Fiber Round Placemats

Asix Handmade Palm Fiber Round Placemats are handmade in Bali and made from 100% natural palm fibre. These placemats come in a variety of colours and have a round shape, which makes them easy to carry around. The placemat is also durable, so you can use it over and over again.

Asix Handmade Palm Fiber Round Placemats are perfect for keeping your table free of spills and stains! They’re also great for buffets or restaurants because they look very stylish on top of tables, plus they’re easy to clean after every use if necessary!

Asix Handmade Palm Fiber Round Placemats
Add colour to your table using Asix Handmade Palm Fiber Round Placemats

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean the placemats?

Use a damp cloth to wipe off any food spills or crumbs. If there’s a lot of dirt on the surface, use mild soap and warm water before wiping it down with a clean cloth.

Don’t use abrasive sponges or brushes as they can scratch your placemat, damaging its texture and appearance over time. Instead, opt for non-abrasive cleaners that are safe for all surfaces such as dish soap or baking soda mixed with water (1 tablespoon of each per cup).

If you need something stronger than mild soap and warm water but not as harsh as commercial cleaners, try using vinegar instead; mix 1 cup of white vinegar in 2 cups of warm water then wipe down your placemat with this solution.

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Can I put it in the dishwasher?

Yes! You can put your placemat in the dishwasher. However, we recommend washing them by hand instead because it’s better for the environment and less work for you. Washing by hand also helps to prevent fading.

If you’re going to wash it in your dishwasher, place it on the top rack only, and don’t use hot temperatures or harsh detergents (your mat will be fine with regular detergent). You should also avoid putting a wet placemat in an oven or microwave because this could cause mildew growth over time. Finally, never bleach or iron a placemat as it will damage its fibres and ruin its waterproof coating layer (the same goes for anything else made from recyclable materials).

What’s the best way to store them?

Store your placemats flat. Lay them out in a dry place and make sure they don’t touch anything else. Please place them in a cool spot, not in direct sunlight or near any heating vents or windows that could cause the material to shrink or warp. If possible, store placemats with other items made of natural fibres as they like to be around other fabrics that breathe easier than plastic packaging materials do!


We hope this guide has helped you find the right placemat for your needs. Remember to take care of the planet, and stay green! Eco-friendly placemats are a great way to add colour and personality to your dining table. You can also use them for entertaining, especially if you’re serving food on your table. They’re easy to clean and will last for years, making them an investment worth making. 

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