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Are you tired of your closet being full of plastic hangers? You’re not alone. The average American household owns over 10,000 plastic hangers, which can take over 100 years to decompose in a landfill. Luckily, many eco-friendly hangers are just as stylish as their traditional counterparts—and they can even help save money!

Eco-Friendly Hangers vs. Plastic Hangers

You’ve probably noticed that there are two types of hangers in the clothing store: plastic and wood. Some stores have both available, but most stores only have one or the other.

Which kind should you choose? It’s important to think about what you’ll be able to do with your hangers after you’ve purchased them because the choice between these two options has significant long-term consequences for both the environment and your finances.

Wooden hangers come from real wood—a renewable resource that’s harvestable without damaging existing forests or ecosystems. They’re also more durable than plastic ones, which means that they’ll last longer and won’t break down over time due to exposure to moisture or heat (or just regular use). 

Why Eco-Friendly Hangers are Good for your Wardrobe and the Planet?

They last longer than your average plastic hangers.

An eco-friendly hanger is more durable than a plastic one. While it may seem as though plastic clothing hangers are the better choice, they aren’t. The reason for this is that eco-friendly hangers last longer than their plastic counterparts. They can hold up to 10 times their weight in clothes, whereas plastic ones will break after a few uses.

You don’t have to use as many.

You might have heard that there are ways to reduce the number of hangers you need. It’s true! Your wardrobe will thank you if you use fewer hangers because they’re easier on the environment in many ways:

You can hang more clothes on each hanger. There are no hard rules about how many items should be hung from one hanger. However, it should be enough that the weight is shared among multiple items rather than concentrated on a single garment. This reduces strain on individual pieces and helps them last longer.

You can hang more clothes in the same amount of space. Whether it’s your closet or a dresser drawer, having fewer hanging garments means squeezing more into less space—and that means less storage area needed overall!

They can help the environment.

You can help the environment by choosing eco-friendly hangers. Eco-friendly hangers come from renewable resources, meaning they don’t contribute to the depletion of natural resources. They are recyclable and biodegradable over time. These hangers are even made in America!

They’re more durable.

You may think that eco-friendly hangers are less durable and more likely to break than plastic, wire, or metal hangers. However, this is not true. Wooden hangers are more durable than most other types of hangers because they don’t have any weak points where the material can chip or crack easily. When you hang your clothes on a wooden hanger and then pull it off the closet bar, there’s no chance of causing any damage to your clothing. There’s nothing sharp like a wire hook on which your garment could snag as it’s being removed from the closet rod.

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They keep clothes in good condition.

When you hang your clothes, you can ensure that they are in good condition and maintain their shape. This is because hangers prevent the shoulders of garments from stretching out over time.

Hangers come in various shapes and sizes and there are using many different types of materials to make them from wood to plastic to metal.

8 Eco-Friendly Hangers to Style your Wardrobe

Simply Green Eco-Friendly Hangers

Simply Green’s Eco-Friendly Hangers come from 100% recycled plastic and feature a super strong and durable design, which is also flexible. They’re attractive and easy to clean, so you’ll find it convenient to use them in your home.

The hangers undergo with an eco-friendly process that uses no harmful chemicals or toxins during production. This means that they won’t pollute our environment or harm human health when used in the long run.

These types of hangers are ideal for helping you organize your closet because they’re strong enough to hold heavy items like winter coats without bending or breaking under pressure.

Simply Green Eco-Friendly Hangers
Style your wardrobe with these Simply Green Eco-Friendly Hangers now.

Terra Terra Mia Eco-Friendly Slim Clothing Hangers

These hangers use recycled materials and are designed to reduce your impact on the environment. They’re slim and sleek, so you can save space in your closet. And they’re also strong and durable to hold up your clothes, even when they’re heavy with moisture. 

Plus, they have no metal parts that might leave rust stains on delicate fabrics! They come with a non-slip grip so that your garments stay put while you’re getting dressed—no slipping around here!

Terra Terra Mia Eco-Friendly Slim Clothing Hangers
Style your wardrobe with these Terra Terra Mia Eco-Friendly Slim Clothing Hangers now.

Elama Home Eco-Friendly Coat Hangers

Elama Home Coat Hangers come from 100% recycled plastic and wood, so they’re an environmentally friendly option. They’re designed to hang your clothes without damaging their fibres, and they can be used for everything from coats and jackets to trousers, shirts, dresses, and more. These eco-friendly hangers come in a range of colours that fit in with any decorating scheme. Best of all? You can use them in the dryer!

Elama Home Eco-Friendly Coat Hangers
Style your wardrobe with these Elama Home Eco-Friendly Coat Hangers now.

Hangerworld Strong Cardboard Hangers

These hangers comes from 100% recycled cardboard and they can hold up to 10 pounds of weight each. They’re also recyclable, so you won’t have to worry about cluttering up landfills with your old clothing. These boxes aren’t just for hanging clothes; you can also use them in the bathroom or kitchen for towels, washcloths, and more.

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Hangerworld Strong Cardboard Hangers
Style your wardrobe with these Hangerworld Strong Cardboard Hangers now.

(RE)X 100% Recycled Ocean and Ocean Bound Plastic Adult Hanger

These hangers use 100% recycled plastic, making them an eco-friendly choice for your closet. The material is also free of harmful chemicals and made to be 100% recyclable, biodegradable and safe for the environment.

The hangers come from recycled plastic that comes from discarded fishing nets, which means they’re helping to reduce the amount of ocean plastic in the world. They’re also a great option for those who want to avoid using materials like metal or wood, which can release harmful chemicals into the air when heated.

(RE)X 100% Recycled Ocean and Ocean Bound Plastic Adult Hanger
Style your wardrobe with these (RE)X 100% Recycled Ocean and Ocean Bound Plastic Adult Hangers now.

Neaties Bamboo Wood Hangers

Bamboo is a renewable resource that’s harvestable every three to five years. The material is naturally anti-bacterial, which means it won’t leave marks on clothing or absorb odours as plastic hangers do. Bamboo is also soft on clothes so you can hang your best blouses, skirts, and jackets with confidence.

Neaties’ hangers are lightweight but durable enough to stand up to daily use in your closet. And because they’re using bamboo wood rather than steel or plastic, they won’t chip or crack over time as other hanger materials might do over time!

We love the fact that these eco-friendly hangers come with 10 pieces per pack at an affordable price point. Each set comes in its clear protective bag so you can store them without worrying about getting them to blend up with all of your other items in between uses!

Neaties Bamboo Wood Hangers
Style your wardrobe with these Neaties Bamboo Wood Hangers now.

Owxini Wheat Straw Coat Hangers

These eco-friendly hangers use 100% natural wheat straw, which makes them strong and sturdy enough to hold your coat or jacket. They won’t rust or crack like other wooden hangers, and they won’t crease the fabric of your clothes either. You can even compost them when you discard them!

Owxini Wheat Straw Coat Hangers
Style your wardrobe with these Owxini Wheat Straw Coat Hangers now.

ROSOS Wooden Hangers

ROSOS Wooden Hangers come from 100% recycled plastic and do not contain harmful chemicals. They’re also strong and durable, so you can trust that your clothes will be safe. They’re also eco-friendly and biodegradable, so you can rest easy knowing that they won’t impact the environment negatively. These hangers will last for years and won’t leave any marks on your clothes.

ROSOS Wooden Hangers
Style your wardrobe with these ROSOS Wooden Hangers now.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I store my clothes on eco-friendly hangers?

You can use your eco-friendly hangers to hang clothes on in your closet. Here are some tips for how to store clothes on hangers:

– Hang the clothes in order from heaviest to lightest, with the heaviest items at the bottom of the closet. This will help keep heavy items from pulling down lighter ones, which can lead to wrinkling.
– Avoid touching as much as possible when hanging clothes on hangers. If two items touch each other while hanging up together, it’s more likely that they’ll wrinkle and develop creases in them over time.
– Use more hangers than you need so that you can move around easily without messing up your carefully-arranged closet layout!

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Does it matter what type of wood is used for the hanger?

Wood is a renewable resource, which means that it can be used again and again without being depleted. As previously mentioned, there are many types of wood used in hangers. Some are more durable than others, some flexible, and some eco-friendly.

There are also different types of finishes on wooden hangers that can affect how your clothing looks when it’s hanging on the hanger for long periods:

– Clear lacquer is the most common finish on wooden hangers because it preserves the natural beauty of the wood so you don’t have to cover up any imperfections in your wardrobe with fabric covers or sleeve protectors
– Satin coatings are applied after the clear lacquer coating to give a shine while still preserving the original colour and texture of each piece

Why are eco-friendly hangers more expensive than plastic ones?

There are many reasons why eco-friendly hangers cost more than plastic ones, but the most important is that wood is a natural resource. Trees take time to grow and need space to grow in. The process of extracting and preparing the wood for use as hangers is labour-intensive; similarly, so is the manufacturing process.


We hope that you have found this article helpful in your search for eco-friendly hangers. There are many options available, but we have tried to highlight the ones that provide high quality at an affordable price. With so many styles and colours available, it is easy to find a hanger to match your closet or give an extra pop of colour!

Check out these eco-friendly clothing brands to use with your new set of eco-friendly hangers!

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