A List Of Eco-Friendly Paper Plates: Choose Your Plate-Lunchware Wisely

Your paper plate is just a vehicle for your next meal, right? Well, yes, but it’s also much more than that. Did you know that there are many eco-friendly options when it comes to paper plates? And did you know that some of them can save you money in the long run? Let’s explore the world of eco-friendly paper plates together!

10 Awesome Facts About Eco-Friendly Paper Plates

They are compostable

You may have heard that these environmentally friendly plates are compostable, but what does that mean exactly? It means they can be broken down by microorganisms and turned into nutrient-rich soil.

Compostable plates are made with renewable resources like cornstarch, which is derived from plants, so they don’t contribute to pollution caused by mining for minerals or destroying habitats for trees. Also, since the plates are made from plant material instead of plastic (which comes from fossil fuels), they are biodegradable and will eventually break down in a landfill instead of sitting there forever.

They are biodegradable

Biodegradable paper plates are made from renewable resources, like wood pulp and recycled fibers. These materials are easy to produce in large quantities, making them an economical option for disposable goods.

But what makes a product biodegradable? Well, it means that the material will break down into compost in time—and it doesn’t take too long to do so! While traditional plastics take centuries or even millennia to break down into tiny pieces, these plates can be completely broken down within six months of disposal. This is possible because they aren’t made from petroleum-based plastics like their conventional counterparts; they’re made from virgin fiber instead.

They present zero waste

They present zero waste. You’re probably thinking, “But I have to throw them away when I’m done eating!” But you don’t. Because they are made from plant-based materials, the plates can be composted. And that goes for the forks, spoons, and cups as well. The straws (if you choose) will biodegrade in a few months if left outside or in your backyard compost bin.

They are waterproof

You can use them at the pool or beach! Eco-friendly paper plates are made from a waterproof material, so they can be used in water without becoming soggy. They’re great for picnics and barbecues, parties with lots of food, or just when you want to eat lunch outside on a sunny day.

They are more resistant to tearing

Another thing to note is that eco-friendly paper plates are thicker than regular plates, which means they’re more resistant to tearing. They’re also made from a different type of paper, so there’s no need to worry about them breaking or splitting into pieces when you use them.

They are economical

Eco-friendly paper plates are economical because they can be bought in bulk and used for a variety of purposes. You can buy them in bulk to save money. You can also use paper plates at special events or for everyday meals.

They are 100% food safe

You might be wondering, how are paper plates made? Eco-friendly paper plates are 100% food safe, which means they’re completely safe to eat. Many paper plates are treated with a water-resistant barrier to prevent spills and make clean-up easy as pie. The process starts with making pulp from trees, then mixing different chemicals into the pulp until it becomes a thick liquid called cellulose fiber. After some serious squeezing (and maybe even some bleaching), you’ll have a large pile of mushy fibers that you can mold into whatever shape you want!

They come in all shapes and sizes

There are many different kinds of eco-friendly paper plates, each with its design and purpose. You can find paper plates that are made from renewable resources, recycled paper, or 100% recycled paper. They come in all shapes and sizes from round to square to oval and even heart-shaped!

They are a safe alternative for those with food allergies or dietary restrictions.

Another reason to choose eco-friendly paper plates is that they are a safe alternative for those with food allergies or dietary restrictions. While some people may be able to use plastic plates and utensils, others cannot because of the chemicals used to create them. Eco-friendly paper plates are an excellent replacement as they don’t contain any of these harmful chemicals!

There are no extra cleanup

You’ll love that you won’t need to worry about extra cleanup with these plates. There is no waste because you can just toss them in the compost bin. When it comes time to clean up after a party or gathering, you won’t have to worry about recycling or cleaning up paper plates either!

Now that we know how eco-friendly paper plates are better than plastic plates, let’s discuss why they’re also better than other types of disposable plates.

9 Eco-Friendly Paper Plates You Can Use For Lunch

Better than Bamboo

Better than Bamboo Disposable Square Palm Leaf Plates are a little more expensive than other disposable options, but they’re also made from palm leaves—which means that these plates will break down fairly quickly in the compost. Because of their natural composition, they won’t have any plastic or wax coating, and there’s no chlorine bleaching involved in their production.

Better than Bamboo Disposable Square Palm Leaf Plates
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Earth’s Natural Alternative

Earth’s Natural Alternative Compostable Disposable Paper Plates are 100% compostable paper plates that come in a variety of colors and designs. The company claims that these products do not contain any chemicals or dyes, making them safe for use by people with food allergies or sensitivities.

Earth’s Natural Alternative Compostable Disposable Paper Plates
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Eco Soul

You might not be familiar with the term “bagasse,” but you’ve seen it before. Bagasse is the fibrous material left over after sugar cane has been processed for its sweet juice. The main byproduct of sugar production, bagasse is otherwise considered waste that is often burned to produce energy and heat for industrial processes.

But Eco Soul has found a better use for this otherwise wasted resource: paper plates! Their Eco Soul Bagasse Paper Plates are 100% renewable and compostable—they’re made from both renewable resources like bagasse and recycled materials like old newspapers and cardboard boxes. They’re also chlorine-free, biodegradable, and compostable in commercial compost facilities (you should check with your local facility to see how they handle food waste).

Eco Soul Bagasse Paper Plates
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It’s not surprising that you might think of compostable plates as being a bit flimsy. After all, they’re made from plant material instead of plastic or foam. But Ecolipak Compostable Square Plates are strong and sturdy, made from 100% renewable sugarcane fibers so they’re fully biodegradable and can be recycled along with other paper products.

These compostable square plates are certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) which ensures that your food waste will break down quickly and easily in a commercial or home composting system. Unlike other disposable products labeled “compostable,” these plates meet ASTM D6400 standards for determining whether or not something is truly biodegradable over time.

Ecolipak Compostable Square Plates
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EcoSmart® Recycled Fiber Paper Plates are made from recycled fiber and are 100% biodegradable, making them an eco-friendly alternative to plastic or foam plates. They’re made from post-consumer waste and have a compostable PLA coating, so they’re fully recyclable in your home compost system or commercial facility. These paper plates are perfect for picnics, parties, and catered events where you need disposable plates that won’t harm the environment.

EcoSmart® Recycled Fiber Paper Plates
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EcoVita Compostable Paper Plates are made from 100% recycled paper. They’re 100% compostable, so they don’t use any plastic or wax—and they don’t have dyes either, so they won’t leach chemicals into your food. They’re also safe to use for both hot and cold foods, which makes them perfect for picnics or other outdoor events. You can compost these plates in the commercial waste stream by putting them in your green bin with your other organic waste materials (like food scraps). If you don’t have access to a green bin, though, you can still compost these plates at home by following specific instructions provided by manufacturers.

EcoVita Compostable Paper Plates
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Georgia-Pacific Heavy-Weight Paper Plates are made from 100% recycled paper, and they’re manufactured using renewable resources. They don’t contain any toxic chemicals, so you can rest assured that they won’t harm the environment. These plates can be composted or recycled, depending on your local waste management system. For example, some cities may not offer curbside recycling services for disposable tableware; in those cases, it’s best to look into drop-off locations where you can dispose of your used plates safely and easily.

If you want to save even more money than what you would spend on purchasing these paper products yourself, consider asking around if anyone in your community already has some lying around that they’d be willing to donate (or sell) at cost-price!

Georgia-Pacific Heavy-Weight Paper Plates
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Green Earth

Green Earth Compostable Paper Plates are made from renewable resources, so they’re a great choice if you want to be environmentally conscious while still staying affordable. They’re certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute and can be used for hot or cold food, making them perfect for picnics. Plus, they’re freezer safe! If your local grocery store doesn’t stock these (or any other compostable paper plates), ask them to order some for you so that you can enjoy all of their benefits at home.

Green Earth Compostable Paper Plates
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Hooray Mida

Hooray Mida Compostable Plates are a great choice for those looking for a sustainable alternative to plastic. They’re made from 100% renewable resources and can be recycled in commercial composting facilities. Each plate is certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute, which means it’s free of all toxic chemicals that could leach into your food.

The plates are strong enough to hold heavy foods like lasagna and chili—and they even have an extra nub on top so you can easily pick up spaghetti with your fork without spilling any on your clothes! The price tag is a bit higher than other eco-friendly options such as bamboo plates or paper products made with sugarcane pulp, but we think their convenience and durability make up for it. Plus they come in both white (for hot foods) and brown (for cold ones), so there’s something for everyone!

Hooray Mida Compostable Plates
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Paper plates have been around for centuries, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have an interesting history. There are many different types of paper plates, but we’re going to focus on the most common type: standard disposable plates made from recycled paper.

If you want to get eco-friendly with your party planning, there are plenty of ways to do it without sacrificing fun or convenience. We’ll go over all those eco-friendly paper plate options here so that when you’re ready to throw a green event, there will be no excuses left standing in our way!

Make a complete set along with these eco-friendly plates by adding, eco-friendly cutlery, utensils, cups, and bowls.

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